At times you may need trained outside professionals to assist in some of your client's needs.

My firm will work with you to assist in providing consulting on your client's 401(k), other 401(a), 403(b), 457 or governmental plans. 

Plan sponsors try to administer their plan in accordance with the written plan document.  Unfortunately, often their practice and procedures to accomplish this task are inadequate.  One of the most common errors indentified in IRS audits of  retirement plans is failure to follow the provisions of the written plan.  My firm can provide consulting services to review your client's plan's practice and procedures.

What my firm can do for you...

  • Provide significant expertise in an IRS Employee Plans audit.
  • Assist you in consulting on your client's 401(a), 403(b), 457 or governmental plan.
  • Provide consulting on your client's practices and procedures for their retirement plan.  Since I was an IRS auditor for over 30 years, I am aware of what the IRS focuses on in their audits.  I can assist in testing your client's practices and procedures from an IRS audit standpoint.
  • Assist in filings under the IRS Voluntary Correction Program

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